Board Committees

In line with the Code of Corporate Governance of Mauritius (the Code), the Board of MDIT has established the following committees to assist it in its decision-making process and help it to carry out all its duties and responsibilities.

  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Corporate Governance Committee
  • Investment Committee

Each Committee acts accordingly to clearly defined terms of reference approved by the Board and reports to the Board on matters discussed at Committee meetings.

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee, has been set up to provide a link between the Board, internal audit and external auditors and is also responsible for the Company’s Risk Management function. The Committee is composed of non-executive Directors. Its responsibilities include reviewing the appropriateness of the Company’s accounting policies, assessing the effectiveness of the internal control processes, reviewing the annual financial statements before their submission to the Board, discussing the results of the external audit process with the external auditors, and with the support of the internal and external auditors directing the Risk Management function.

The members of the Audit and Risk Committee are:

  • Marc Ah Ching (Chairperson)
  • Catherine Ahnee-Gouérec
  • Roger Leung Shin Cheung

The Chairperson of the Committee informs the Board of Directors any matter which it should be made aware of.

Corporate Governance Committee

The Corporate Governance Committee is committed to the best practices of corporate governance and also acts as the Nomination Committee for any senior officer proposed by its CIS Manager, Golden Fund Management Services Ltd (GFMS). The need for a nomination committee and a remuneration committee does not arise since the Company is managed by GFMS and does not have any employees.

The members of the Corporate Governance Committee are:

  • Aruna Radhakeesoon (Chairperson)
  • Georges Leung Shing
  • Bhagwansing Dabeesing (resigned 5 May 2020)

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee has been set up to ensure that the major investments made are in line with the Board’s strategy and to address risk issues. It also assures proper liaison with the Fund Managers responsible to look after the Company’s interests overseas and considers avenues which may give opportunities for growth.

This Committee comprises the following members:

  • Georges Leung Shing (Chairperson)
  • Roger Leung Shin Cheung
  • Marc Ah Ching